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Monday, May 23, 2011

Vogelei Park, Hoffman Estates

Vogelei Park, Hoffman Estates
650 West Higgins Road

Vogelei Park has a great playground, Safetytown streets where kids can ride their bikes, a small splash pad with a couple fountains and a great big grassy area for picnics as well as a covered picnic area overlooking a lake with ducks. In the summer, the picnic area doubles as a stage and they often have free kids concerts and events. There are public bathrooms located in the barn.

There is a lot for parking, but be aware that during concerts and events the lot can get quite full. Located on Rt. 72 at the intersection of Rt. 58, you can only enter Vogelei Park while going west on Rt. 72. There is a turnaround just past the intersection where you can get back on 72 west by turning right.

**A big thanks to Gina for this picture!**

This is the splash pad - obviously it wasn't on when we were there. It is really just a couple fountains that the kids can run through.

This is where the concerts are located, also a great place to picnic.

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